The one hour photo experience includes:

  • Phone consultation on what to bring

  • 1 hour photo experience at Gemma Roberts Photography studio

  • Editing to a very high standard (includes all airbrushing and re-touching) 

  • 1.5 hour private viewing to pick your favourite images

  • 8x6 inch print of your choice

  • Collection to pick up your products 

Photo Session


Editing your images


The Viewing 

Collecting your products

Phone consultation to help us understand your family

This is the fun part, we help you discuss your ideas!  You are the stylist for your own photo shoot, here's what we will discuss on the phone:

  • Consider what you all feel most comfortable in, we recommend 2-3 outfit changes.  Bright colours are a must, bold, vibrant colours are fab, patterned or poker dots, stripes and textures work well.

  • To make your session personal to you and your family, it is important to establish character and understand your child's personality.  We want them to relax and enjoy it and feel at home.

  • What are your hobbies?  Bring along personal items that truly identify you and your families personalities, it is a brilliant way to personalise your session and make it unique to you.

The Shoot

This is where the fun begins....

  • When you arrive we will chat for 10 mins about your outfits and develop your ideas further so we together can structure your session.

  • The session is 1 hour, you will have so much fun you will not know you are having your photograph taken.  we are flexible if the session runs over, it's important we capture the best images and we know from experience sometimes babies need that little bit of extra time.  The shots are very relaxed and natural, we work with you and take between 150-250 images.

  • 3 different lighting set ups will be used during the session and we will capture all family combinations

  • We know how excited you will be to come back to view your fantastic images so we will book you in for your viewing appointment within 5-7 days.

  • A price guide will be given to you at the end of the session to take home.  This enables you to see what products you like and to measure your walls at home so you know what size image is going to look best in your home. 

Working our magic editing

With lots of love and care this is were we work our magic....

  • The editing process takes 3-4 hours, it is very natural, removing blemishes, dark circles under the eyes, spots, teeth whitening is all part and parcel of the edit (of course if their are any extras you require just let us know).

  • We use 3 different crops: square, portrait/landscape and panoramic, clearly showing the 4 styles.

  • 2-3 room sets to show how your images could work in your home.

Your own special viewing

This is what you have been waiting for, we will have produced a fantastic show of 40-60 images for you to view as a slide show to music....

  •  1.5 hours long, you can enjoy a refreshment, sit back and relax whilst viewing your fab images.

  • We are here to help you narrow your images down to your favourites and get them into a product you love.  We have a variety of styled products to fit into your home which you can view on the day.

  • The products take 4-6 weeks to come back once ordered so we will be in touch as soon as they arrive. 

The day has finally arrived to collect

It's like Christmas, they are finally here...!!!!!

  • We will call you when your products are ready to collect.

  • They are all packaged securely so you can get them to your home safely.

  • Our products come with instructions on how to hang but if you require any help just call us. 

Once up on the wall we hope they bring you a lot of joy and happiness.  Memories are to be treasured forever and what better way to remember them than on your wall.

We are very limited with availability as the slots we have go quickly.  If you would like to book in for the one hour photo experience please call the studio.  You can also buy a family photo shoot gift voucher

Package Deals below please call the studio to ask for the prices

Bronze Package - The one hour photo experience plus...

  • 10x10 inch wall art either a Canvas or Artbox (framed images are 20% more but can be ordered as part of the package)
  • Disc including 10 images of your choice

Silver Package - The one hour photo experience plus...

  • 16x16 inch wall art either a Canvas, Artbox  (framed images are 20% more but can be ordered as part of the package)
  • Disc including 15 images of your choice

Gold Package - The one hour photo experience plus...

  • 24x24 inch wall art either a Canvas, Artbox (framed images are 20% more but can be ordered as part of the package)
  • Disc including 25 images of your choice

Platinum Package - The one hour photo experience plus...

  • 30x30 inch wall art either Canvas, Artbox (framed images are 20% more but can be ordered as part of the package)
  • Disc including all 40+ images of your choice
  • A4 Premium designed photo book 

Gemma Roberts Photography, Aigburth, Liverpool. 0785 4718 963