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New Photography Fun PopUp Dates 2022

New Online Booking and Secure Payment for PopUp Studio and Home Newborn and Family Photography 

Check out my pop up dates for locations to get fantastic family photo’s of your loved ones.

Book a PopUp Studio or Home Photography experience online with secure payment, its really simple, select a location near you and then choose a time and pay with all credit and debit cards through GPay or Paypal.

8 Top tips for families before your photo shoot

Comfortable is key!

Choose an outfit you feel comfortable and confident in.  Pick 1-3 colours.  They can be block, bold, bright or pastel colours.  Neutrals also look great! Or choose a colour tone, for example blue tones: denim, pale blue/navy/white.

 Book your shoot at the best time for your children

Well rested and well fed children are full of smiles. From experience after nap time is perfect!

 Get inspiration

Why not build out a board of ideas and imagery you love.  Pinterest is great for this!  Or show me some saved photos / inspiration at the start of your shoot.  This will give me a great idea of what you’re wanting to capture.

Give yourself enough time to prepare and get ready

Everyone wants to look their best when having their photo taken, so make sure you give yourselves plenty of time to get that hair and makeup done just right.  It’s always good to have children dressed in their first outfits on arrival as it allows more time during the shoot. You’ll then feel all relaxed and ready to go!

Have fun

Bring along your child’s favourite thing.  It could be a toy, cuddly teddy, blanket or a family game.  Whatever it is, the aim is to make them feel as comfortable as possible!  We want to bring out their smiles and get the best out of them.  Most importantly enjoy it and have fun and let me tell your story in a photo.

Be natural 

Photos should never be as plain as simply staring down a lens.  Capturing the best shots is always about being in the moment.  Lifting your baby up, tickling your children or peek-a-boo are all great ways to get them engaged.  Basically just be you and i’ll do the rest!

Don’t try to pose

This is a biggie – enjoy the moment with your kids! I’ll direct you and communicate with you reassuring you along the way to get as many great shots as we can. Again the best images are the natural ones.  So just have fun as you would with your family on a day out or at home.

Things to bring to your shoot:

  • A hair brush you don’t want to look wind swept! 
  • Your personal items to tell your family story.
  • An outfit change (NOT for Pop Up photo shoots).
  • A drink or snack for the children (sometimes bribery works haha!).
  • However, it’s best not to tell the kids about the treats before the session; wait until the kids start getting tired before using this trick! They will usually perk right up then!

Please get in touch if you want to chat about your shoot or enquire about booking a photography session.

 Talk soon, 

Gemma x

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